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      Cargo plane charters are complex operations, with nuances in FAA regulations, customs requirements and handling procedures that can vary by locale.

      We can arrange any type of cargo plane charter, anywhere in the world. Our clients have transported hurricane relief supplies to areas in need, live animals of all types, various kinds of vehicles, machinery, and everything in between.

      Popular Types of Cargo Planes

      Cargo charters come in all sizes. Most people imagine massive airliners with electronic pallet loaders, but there are smaller aircraft available for short-range and specialized cargo missions.


      Turboprops are available for short-range cargo charter missions. When speed is not critical and a pressurized cabin not required, a turboprop is a practical solution for short-range cargo missions. Varieties include cargo-converted older King Air and Cessna Caravan models.

      Small Jets

      Utilized for mid-range cargo flights for smaller freight, cargo-converted Light and Midsize Jets are the perfect choice. Vital engine parts, precious metals, and the like are shipped this way. Converted Lear and Falcon aircraft are common types of small cargo jets.

      Turboprop Airliners

      Similar to standard turboprop aircraft, larger Turboprop Airliners are very common in the cargo market. Capable of hauling a surprising payload, these aircraft keep costs down and get the job done. The Saab 340 and Fokker 50 are two of the most common Turboprop Airliners available.

      Jet Airliners

      The largest cargo planes for charter are the regional and intercontinental jet Airliners. The most commonly available Cargo Jet Airliners for charter are the Boeing 727/737/767. Capable of transporting anything from elephants to aerospace parts, these aircraft can haul almost anything imaginable.

      Our cargo experts have contacts with operators, handlers and couriers that will ensure your precious cargo will arrive on time, unharmed and in position for delivery when you need it.

      Cargo Plane Charter Prices

      Cargo plane pricing is fully dependent on routing. The closer your aircraft is to the departure airport, the better the cost will be. Flying a cargo plane in from out of state happens often and drives up costs considerably.

      Cargo Plane Rental Prices for Common Routes

      Routing Aircraft Name Price Range
      Miami to Punta Cana Saab 340A $37k – $42k
      Detroit to New York Boeing 727 $60k - $75k
      Shanghai to Los Angeles Boeing 747 $350k - $450k

      Our goal at evoJets is to minimize additional costs and provide the most appropriate aircraft for every cargo mission.